A New Zealander on Talent Tuesday – Mathea Daunheimer

Mathea Daunheimer - queen of texture? Quite possibly!

Mathea Daunheimer – queen of texture? Quite possibly!

I discovered the art work of this New Zealand quilt artist on the Living Colour website. Fans of bright colour will love this website – and I’ll be extremely jealous to hear of any quilters who had the chance to visit the touring exhibition! Previous Talent Tuesday quilt artist Neroli Henderson is also featured on the Living Colour website.

Mathea Daunheimer lives in Kerikeri, which is located on New Zealand’s north island. She describes art as a passion, and fibre in particular as a fun and tactile way to explore and express herself. Always experimenting, she currently enjoys painting on fabric with Tsukineko inks and then quilting over the top – with great texture and detail as can be seen in the featured art pieces on this post!

You can view more of Mathea’s work at her website Esparta Fibre Arts, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Mathea is beginning life as a tutor, simply contact her via her website with any opportunities.

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Talent Tuesday’s featured Quilter – fibre artist, Jaynie Himsl


Jaynie Himsl with one of her unique corded fibre art pieces

Jaynie Himsl with one of her unique corded fibre art pieces – Mont Cliche

I have always wondered how to create something “new” – a unique style that differentiates you from other quilters and the main techniques they use and teach. I have a feeling that the unique artistic style I am searching for comes about after years of ‘playing’- of working out what works for you and, more importantly – what doesn’t.

And this is exactly what Jaynie Himsl speaks of in today’s Talent Tuesday feature interview. After learning many of the basic art quilting skills, she now creates her works using cording (but I’ll her describe the process).

Head over to visit Jaynie’s website (which looks fantastic and I discovered she created it herself using GoDaddy), and visit her on facebook and instagram.

So over to Jaynie from Weyburn, Saskatchewan in Canada…

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Talent Tuesday time! Valerie Wilson from Canada

Valerie Wilson artist and her quilt French Wonder

Valerie Wilson artist and her quilt French Wonder

The moment I saw Valerie Wilson’s portrait quilts, I knew I wanted to interview her for this Talent Tuesday blog series. I mean, just look at that art piece above!

I only just stumbled upon Valerie’s work last month when, after receiving an email update from The Ambitious Quilter, she responded to a question I had asked. (see… it pays to subscribe to our updates) I clicked over to her website and discovered her work.

I love the idea of her rummaging through second-hand shops for old photographs and turning them into quilts! Hard to describe the feeling I have – romantic? It makes you think of the subject – who they were and what were their lives like? For this fellow in the above quilt, did he have family? despair? happiness?

I hope you enjoy what Valerie Wilson, all the way from Winnipeg Canada, has to say about her work. You can find her at valeriewilsonartist.com and on facebook.

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2015 will see me quilting alongside Jinny Beyer

Well not exactly alongside…. let me explain.

In order to expand my skill base in 2015, I have joined up for Jinny Beyer’s Block-of-the-month online at Craftsy. While not exactly my style, it provides great opportunity to learn techniques I do not currently use from a Quilting Master – Jinny Beyer.

Apparently, I will be learning time-saving techniques for piecing by machine and by hand, Jinny’s favourite way to appliqué, paper piecing, colour theory and more. And my favourite part – it is free!

Each month, I will receive a pattern and access to an online video with instruction from Jinny Beyer. I have watched the introductory video and the January video and I am thus far impressed.

It was very interesting to learn how Jinny chooses colour combinations for her quilts, and how she packs her travel case for hand piecing on-the-go.

So month one – January. I have already learnt how to make my own templates (yes, I have never done this, using the rotary cutter instead), cut my fabric and sewn the block together by hand.

Again, another first was piecing by hand. I was a little apprehensive at first, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Hand sewing is very peaceful… and you can do it on the couch! I have long been a fan of cross-stitch in front of a BBC period drama, and now I can couch quilt! (last night it was Death Comes to Pemberly – have you seen this? I recommend if you haven’t)

So this is the result of my work. Not too wonky for my first go, hey? I might try it again though to see if I can improve.


2015 Jinny Bayer Block-of-the-month January. The vase fabric is a batik. The pink and jade are my hand dyed fabrics.

2015 Jinny Bayer Block-of-the-month January. The vase fabric is a batik. The pink and jade are my hand dyed fabrics.

If you would like join me and complete the 2015 Block-of-the-Month with Jinny Beyer, simply click the link below and join Craftsy and the class – both for free. Would love to swap war stories during the year i.e. share photos.

2015 Craftsy Block of the Month (w/ Jinny Beyer)  <<join here


Please note this is an affiliate post for Craftsy.com. Joining Craftsy via this post will support The Ambitious Quilter. Thanks!

Neroli Henderson on Talent Tuesday

Cherry Blossom by Neroli Henderson - just beautiful!

Cherry Blossom by Neroli Henderson – just beautiful!

Talent Tuesday time! Today, Neroli Henderson of eiloren.com.au explains in great detail how she plans and designs her textile art pieces, and shares some great tips for entering quilt competitions, and where to find help.

I love how Neroli jumped straight into the deep end of quilting – taking four days of classes at the Australasian Quilt Convention (so jealous!!) and moving immediately into designing her own art quilts without taking the traditional route first. She has experienced the frustrations that all quilters go through – mainly clogged machines and broken needles! (They suck!! Make me want to scream)

Her love of textiles and sheen really ‘shines’ through her work (love the shine of the above quilt) She has been recognized for her work at quilt competitions and sponsored as a ‘Friend of Bernina’ (just like our last Talent Tuesday quilter – Lucy Carroll).

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Talent Tuesday -Lucy Carroll

The Ambitious Quilter is very excited to kick off a new weekly blog segment – ‘Talent Tuesday’. Every Tuesday we will hear directly from talented quilters as they share their stories and give us their best advice for advancing our craft (or art!) Yippee! I just know we will learn so much from their experience and skills.

First off the ranks is Lucy Carroll from Cairns. I have been following the artistic work of this art quilter for a while now via her blog lucycarrolltextiles.com. She has been very supportive of my first art quilts and we have been ‘virtually’ chatting via social media. What I love about Lucy’s work is the realism of her quilt images and the emotion of her quilt subjects. I especially love her recent work around the subject of ANZAC day and military families. Exciting news for Lucy Carroll – she has just been commissioned to make an art quilt for a new hospital!!

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Raw edge applique for art quilting

A great start on project True Blue this past week – my entry for the Australasian Quilt Convention competition. My quilt is in the style of Australian artist Ken Done, and depicts Young Australian of the year finalist Patrick Kirkby. I am using a raw-edge applique technique.

(If you recall, I originally wanted to try putting the face together using the paper piecing technique but this proved a little difficult, especially since I had never used this technique before!) This post will explain the raw-edge applique technique I used. There is a tiny gap between each piece (that is, the pieces do not overlap) – a look inspired by a class I took with Gloria Loughman. Continue reading